My name is Allie and I am twenty years old and a wanderer. My heart has found it's home in many places all across the globe.My desire is to travel and adventure in this grand world. I love art, but I don't consider myself an artist. I love music, but I am not a musician. I love dance and I'm learning how to express myself in that way. I also love books and journals and listening to people's stories and feelings. The most important part of me is that Jesus loves me. I am constantly learning more about His love and it is far more beautiful than I could ever explain. He is full of goodness and mercy. Through Him, I have experienced adventures across the world. He provides for my every emotional, physical, mental and spiritual need. I know is that Jesus is faithful to me and I am striving to be faithful to Him. Because He loves me, I can love you. Any good part of me is Jesus.
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    My view from the Walmart parking lot the other night. aubreylou22 

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  • Sometimes you just want someone to drive with and show them your favorite songs.

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